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Volunteer Opportunities

Serving Your Community

At Center of Grace, we are always in need of gifted volunteers. Below are listed a few ways that you can serve your community.



Community Health Screenings
Role: Provide free screenings of blood pressure, blood sugar & weight to uninsured and underinsured members of the community.
Frequency: Wednesday evenings from 5-6 PM. Contact: Karen Wiegman at kdwiegman@mnu.edu


ELL Preschool
Role: Provide early childhood development for 2 – 5 years old whose first language is not English. Help children become ready for Kindergarten and have success in school.
Serve: Once a week, M-Th from 9 AM – noon during the school year. Contact Sylvia Romero at sromero@centerofgrace.center

After School Program
Role: Assist group leaders with educational activities; i.e. small group reading, art, science, technology.
Serve: Once a week, M-Th from 4-6 PM during the school year. Contact: info@helpkckids.org

English Classes
Role: Help non-native English speakers with reading, writing, speaking in small groups.
Frequency: Serve one day a week, 9 AM-noon or 6-9 PM during the school year. Contact Jill Sigler: jsigler@jccc.edu or 913-469-7677



Bread Driver
Role: Pick up donated bread at area grocery stores to be distributed to hungry families.
Frequency: Serve once a month. Contact: Jerry Albright, gerald80albright@gmail.com


Food Ministry

Community Dinners
Role: Prepare, serve, and clean up dinner to anyone in the community who wants of a free meal and/or enjoys the company of others.
Frequency: Wednesday evenings, from 4-7 PM. To help on Wednesdays, contact Brian Evans at luvrvet@att.net. To help on Thursdays, contact Deb “Burphie” Brand at burphie@gmail.com.

Community Garden
Role: Assist individuals interested in growing their own produce by sharing wisdom or just lending an extra pair of hands.
Frequency: Once a week during the growing season, at your convenience.
Contact: Mary Buehrer, 913-244-4649

Building Maintenance

Role: Help update classrooms, touch up hallways, etc.
Frequency: Once a month for 2-3 hours, at your convenience.
Contact: info@graceumc.church

Landscape Caretaker
Role: Help to keep the church looking its best by maintaining the flower beds, shrubs, & landscaping around the property.
Frequency: Serve three or four times a year, at your convenience.
Contact: info@graceumc.church

Light Maintenance Team
Role: Help with small repairs/tasks around the Center of Grace; i.e. changing light bulbs, fixing broken doorknobs, pulling weeds, etc.
Frequency: Once a month for 2-3 hours, at your convenience. Contact: info@graceumc.church

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