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our story

a center of grace

The Center of Grace was started in 1999 as the Mission Outreach campus of Grace United Methodist Church. We had a vision then of a community building that brought together the most vulnerable and those with a desire to make a difference. Through the years we have grown and become a stand-alone non-profit organization, financially independent from the church.

a shared vision

Our History

In 1999, Grace United Methodist Church built a new facility on the north side of Olathe and no longer needed its historic downtown space for church meetings. It quickly became clear that it would be difficult to sell, and the staff and congregation felt led in a different direction. They began to develop a vision of a missions center in that building, centrally located to provide much-needed services to all of Olathe.

C.O.G. New Beginning

In 2016, ready to stand on its own, Center of Grace became an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit.We are so proud of all we have accomplished – but we know this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the life of our organization and the Olathe community.

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